Deprescribing and Undiagnosing: Two Sides of a Coin with Swapnil Gupta, MD

11/10/2023 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM ET



Webinar Description 

In the past two decades, medicine and psychiatry in particular, has paid increasing attention to parsimony in psychotropic prescribing. As people taper off their psychotropic medication, either alone or with their doctors, they must deal with withdrawal symptoms, recurrences of underlying symptoms and the looming fear of rehospitalization. For some patients, deprescribing may entail a process of constructing a meaningful and more complex narrative of their psychological distress, one that may have been sequestered or even destroyed by diagnosis.

With case examples, Dr Gupta will illustrate five themes that emerge during the process of undiagnosing and deprescribing: denial and disbelief, anger, grief over lost years, the search for authenticity and finally a clinical pragmatism, for both, doctor and patient.


Swapnil Gupta, MD

Dr Gupta is a psychiatrist currently working in New York City. She believes that as people rework their life stories and their understanding of themselves, psychotropic medications need to be adjusted. She lives close to the woods with her wife and two dogs, and loves hiking without her phone.

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