ISPS-US Community Chat July

07/25/2023 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM ET


ISPS-US’s membership is a diverse group of dynamic change-makers that includes advocates, service providers, people with lived experience, family members, and more. We know that to make change we have to work together to share and build upon our collective wealth of experience and knowledge. ISPS-US is therefore introducing monthly “community chats” for which all members of ISPS-US are invited. We hope to get to know each other better, share ideas, create action plans and build community, in these friendly and informal open meetings.

Each meeting will be hosted by a member of the ISPS-US Executive Committee and/or staff.  The agenda will be open, meaning we will discuss any topics related to ISPS-US and its mission that may be brought up by those who attend.  This could include ways to build a social movement toward more psychological and social understandings, educational and career considerations, the intersection of lived experience, family, and professional perspectives, organizational issues within ISPS-US, or many other topics.

Depending on the Executive Committee or staff member who will be hosting each month, they may also have additional topics to offer up for questions or discussion, based on their specific areas of interest and expertise.

We anticipate these meetings will be small enough to allow sufficient time for individual participation and interesting discussion.


July Facilitator: Leah Giorgini & Kristine Vliet

Suggested conversation topics: 

New members-we would love to hear from you!